Hello, hello…

Okay, I really need to stop referencing songs in my post titles.

I spent most of the day yesterday trying to figure out why I was so tired and sore.  Yes, I spent last week moving heavy furniture, chasing my three-year-old nephew G, running up and down stairs, and even did enough hiking to burn my lungs. (Although, I’m woefully out of shape, and even though my lungs were burning, my legs were not) And all those were days ago.

I did walk home from church on Sunday with bare legs, in temperatures cold enough that I could feel the beginnings of frostbite by the time I had gone the four blocks between the chapel and my parents house. That took me back–I hadn’t felt that since I came home from my mission– and I wondered if that caused some damage to the muscles in my legs.   I also unloaded my car when I got back to my house, carrying a heavy suitcase and a not-quite-so-heavy but more awkwardly shaped bag up two flights of stairs on two occasions.  But that shouldn’t have worn me out as much as it did, and nether of those activities would explain why my wrists and elbows hurt.

So, finally, at about 7pm last night, I’m sitting on the couch thinking about how tired and achy I am, and also how I have the chills, despite the thermostat being set at 75 degrees, and having the space heater running, and I wondered if I had a fever.  So, off to find the thermometer to check.  And there it is. 100.2.

Lets see: Low grade fever, fatigue and body aches.  Crap, I know this one.  That would be the flu.

The fun thing about being me when I get sick is a fever is ALWAYS accompanied by vertigo.  Right now, it feels like the sofa is trying to throw me off. The concrete stairs leading between my condo and the part of the world that I’m willing to let the dogs pee on became a whole new experience in terror on our morning walk.

I know a lot of people would enjoy their own personal theme park where you don’t have to get dressed or even leave your bed (that sounded a whole lot less dirty in my head) but right now, I just want to get some sleep.  And that’s hard to do when the bed won’t stop spinning.


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2 responses to “Hello, hello…”

  1. Felicia says :

    Poor thing! Even though I’m sure you still feel crappy, this was an enjoyable entry! Feel better soon!:)

  2. Sis says :

    so either it’s late, or I’m a little slow. I read this post after reading “blackbird” so I was thinking more of the Beetles and “you say goodbye, I say hello…” instead of “I’m at a place called vertigo…” which is pathetic, I know, but remember that both the Beetles and U2 are my favorite all time bands, and so I am usually singing songs from both band in my head. Lots of fun when it happens at the same time, like right now, You say goodbye, I say hello, hello hello I’m at a place called Vertigo….

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