On insperation, or the lack thereof.

My writing has been a bit of a struggle lately.  I’ve found it odd that I’ve been able to do, on average, a post a day on my blog that isn’t all about the cute things that Max and Lulu do.  Of course, Max and Lulu are Shih Tzu, and spend most of their time sleeping, so cute things happen maybe once a day, but still…

I’ve always said that fiction is easier for me to write that non-fiction, but that seems to have reversed lately.  I was trying to remember what I was doing in 2005-2006 when I was on my writing spree, and the only thing I could think of was I spent more of my time online reading other peoples stories and looking at their artwork.  So, my goal for today, is to find a story or piece of artwork that will inspire me to write a new piece of fiction, preferably not fantasy/sci-fi/horror.  We’ll see how that goes.  If the resulting work is something I’d be proud to show off, of course I’ll post it here.

On another note, the anxiety about my job interview on Tuesday really hit me last night.  It was oddly comforting–in that I’m more familiar with anxiety and stress than peace and calmness.  I feel confident that I did my best, but am trying not to get my hopes up, because the universe likes to mess with me when I get my hopes up.


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