And, here’s the ever present sense of guilt

I’m a bad person.

Not really.  Well, probably not.  I’m feeling guilty about a family issue that I’d rather not share with the world, and about deleting the post from earlier today (I decided that it wasn’t the right time or place for the story I told in it) and for not feeling that bad about the earthquake in Haiti.

I don’t know how to handle guilt, so I just let it sit and stew inside of me.  I know the appropriate course is to take action, but most of the time, I don’t know what action to take, so I take none.  Then I feel guilty about not acting.

I’ve been kind of down lately, and I don’t want y’all to think that my life is all that bad.  It’s not.  It’s easier for me to talk about the bad things than the good, especially when I’m writing.

I’ll try to think of a lighter topic for tomorrow, but no promises.


One response to “And, here’s the ever present sense of guilt”

  1. onlynakedtruth says :

    You are totally cool. I am hiding my identity so I can speak to all parts of me. You are real, most of us not:-) Thank you.

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