this is PHOTODUMP!

I was doing some digital housecleaning, and decided to upload some of my favorite pictures that were on my camera.  They range from me trying to be artsy fartsy, to nature, to Max and Lulu, and even a trip to the aquarium and zoo.

I wish there was some sort of chronological order to these picture, but my camera thought some of these pictures were taken before I was born.  You can click on the individual pictures to see a larger image.

Anyway, enjoy.

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2 responses to “this is PHOTODUMP!”

  1. The Parent! says :

    I’ll let you off the hook for not knowing the name of the “mountain with the stripe” because (1) The stripe is not natural, it is caused by mining activity, and (2) I don’t know a name for it either and the maps don’t have a name for it.
    The hard pan near the “Mountain with the stripe” is called the Ibex hard pan

    • corianne says :

      Well, that’s no fun. But I guess if you are trying to name every hardpan, you’d run out of names pretty quickly.

      And I was trying to connect the stripe on that mountain to Crystal Peak somehow.

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