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After the Storm

We got perhaps six inches of snow yesterday, enough to seriously impede Max and Lulu in our evening walk.  There was enough snow that a tow truck, that came to tow a car that was illegally parked got stuck, and the driver had to call for backup, to get both himself and the car out.  Most of my neighbors were cheering for the snow, but the illegally parked car blocked the snowplow from clearing half of the main road in the complex.

I love the time after a good storm–granted, it’s better in the summer than in the winter.  The air is clear, the world is silent and beautiful.  As far as this year goes, it’s been especially nice–usually, right after a big snow storm, the temperature drops significantly, so it doesn’t get above 20°.  This year, the big storms have been followed by a period of relative warmth.  While all of you on the east coast were complaining about how cold this winter has been, I’ve been going outside in January, in Northern Utah, in sandals and without a coat.

The problem is today has been so peaceful, that I haven’t wanted to do anything–including reading or watching TV.  Max got me to play with him for a bit, then he decided that he would rather cuddle.  I made it to the grocery store–a mistake, really.  Mormon’s take the “keep the Sabbath Day holy” thing pretty seriously, but procrastinate like the rest of the world, so grocery stores on Saturday nights are always crowded.  And that’s about all I’ve done today.

This apathy is a little strange–because, really, I’m not feeling depressed or anxious.  And maybe I was just feeling the peace of the day after a big storm.  Or maybe I was being lazy and not wanting to clean off my car.

I did get some good news today.  I’ve been stressed because I thought my unemployment was going to run out in a few weeks, but I did some math, and I’ve got a few months.  That doesn’t mean that I’m going to let up on the job search, though, and today I thought of a few new directions/industries that I could look into.  I’ve almost decided that I’m going to have to do the retail thing, which, I’ve done before and I’m okay with.  I just really don’t want a job where I’d have to get a food handler’s permit.  I fully acknowledge, though, that I might have to forget that last bit of pride that I’m holding on to.

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