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The joys of dog ownership

I’ve had dogs my whole life, but Max and Lulu are the first that have been allowed to live inside the house.  Going from having a dog in the yard to two dogs inside my tiny condo has been full of surprises–I didn’t realize, for instance, how nice it is to have two warm little bodies curled up next to me on the bed.

I’d always heard that dogs don’t really pay attention to the TV, that they “see” the world more through the nose than their eyes and ears the way people do.  That may be true, but I find it difficult to watch the nature documentaries that I love anymore.  The sounds the various animals make drive the dogs nuts.  Chimps and dinosaurs seem to be the biggest culprits.  I have no idea how they distinguish the sounds these animals that I’m sure Max and Lulu have never seen from the random, weird people noises that come over the TV. (Granted, I don’t know what their life was like before they came to live with me, but I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t have had any reason to see a chimp in real life.  If they’ve seen dinosaurs, then that means they are time travelers, and I officially have the coolest dogs on the planet.) When a dog or a wolf, and occasionally a fox or coyote come on the TV, it drives Max and Lulu insane, even if it’s not making any noise.

Need proof?  This is me trying to watch a show about the wildlife of Yellowstone.  At least I think it was about the wildlife of Yellowstone.  I had to deal with this every time a wolf came on the screen.

What’s been super-fun for my downstairs neighbors is when I play this video, Max and Lulu then bark at themselves barking on the video.  And up to this point in time, I didn’t think I had enough money for surround sound!

Post Secret

Frank posted my secret.

he posted my secret

It’s not in my handwriting

It’s not my artwork

I didn’t send it in

but he posted my secret.

And suddenly, I don’t feel so alone.

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