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Post #43, in which our heroine discusses fog, panic attacks, and big screen TVs

Yesterday was one of the biggest days The Storyteller Chronicles has had.  I’m a little confused as to where all the visitors came from, but I’m not complaining.  I hope you enjoyed what you read, and will keep coming back to check on me.

I decided to spend a few days at my parents house.  No real reason why.  Okay, I lied.  They just bought a 55″ LCD TV, and I wanted to see it in action.  I used the guise of coming down to lend my mom a book, and to visit my grandparents, so, last night, I loaded the dogs into the car and headed down.

It’s really the drive that I wanted to talk about.  First of all, I felt like I was fighting a panic attack all the way down.  This HAS to stop.  I won’t be able to function in the suburban environment in which I live if I’m too freaked out to get into a car.  I had to pull over a couple of times, just to walk around and take a breather.  I don’t know where this came from, but it didn’t take long to get old.

Actually, yesterday could have come from the realization that the panic attacks came in the car, so I was already a little anxious before I started to drive. It’d be just like me to work myself into a panic attack because I’m anxious that I might have a panic attack.

I found myself focusing on small things to help myself calm down (Je suis grande pamplemousse.  I think that’s going to be my French catch phrase from now on.) For instance, I discovered that the cement plant is almost exactly half way between my parent’s house and the 7-11 in Nephi. (I reset my tripomiter every time I fill up my car, mostly because I don’t trust my gas gage–my car is 14 years old, and the plastic bits keep falling off.  I noticed the tripomiter said 25.5 when I was passing the cement plant, then it said 51.1 when  I got to my folks house.) It’s a darn good thing that I didn’t meet a deer.

I feel like I need to mention that I’m a good driver.  I haven’t had a ticket in over 3 years, or an accident (either my fault or someone else’s) in over 5. I did total a car once, but that was gosh–10 years ago now.  That makes me feel old.  I have confidence in my own driving.  When I’m not freaking out over nothing, anyway.

I did, however, get treated to what is perhaps my favorite weather phenomenon while driving through Dog Valley.  It’s when it’s foggy, but the fog is sitting above the ground, just above the roof of the car. When I reached that point in the fog bank, it had the added benefit of being thicker in some places and thinner in others, so it was a little like driving through the Northern Lights.

You know, without the pretty colors and having to deal with deadly plasma bursts.

I might have to see if I can talk my dad into taking a drive with me, just to help me get over this anxiety.  Because, I know me, and until I’m over this thing, driving in a car is going to be hell.

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