What my family does when I’m not around

The rest of my family is off adventuring in St. George–my bro in law got tickets for a hike in Kane County that are pretty hard to come by. My dad is a bit flustered with me because I just don’t get hiking–even when I was in good enough shape to go, I never understood the appeal.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d be willing to go on a hike, as long as it was shorter than 3 miles, flat most of the way, and the temperature never gets above 65° farinheit.  Oh, and there is no sand.

I’m not being difficult, here, am I?  I figure I can get away with it.  The fam’s all out-of-town, and I’m counting on the fact that they won’t have computer access at their hotel. *fingers crossed*

The hike the family is going on is called “The Wave”, and, according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, is quite a rugged hike.  However, this is the second time my fam has done this hike in the last five years (apparently, quite a coup.  Sis was telling me that most people consider themselves lucky if they get to go once) and my sister and her husband think that their three-year-old won’t have a problem with it.  Or that the bro-in-law won’t have a problem giving him a piggy back the whole way.

My sister in her last trip to The Wave, she tells me that the pictures don't do the colors justice.

This is a hike that I’d actually like to do, someday.  My mountain-goat of a father tells me it’s not to difficult, and Sis thinks I’d be able to do it.  I’m not convinced.

Mom is going to be hanging out in the hotel taking care of E while the rest of the family is out adventuring.  She tried to talk me into coming down to help, but I didn’t think it was fair to dump the dogs on my usual babysitter without warning on Valentine’s Day weekend, and I didn’t want to deal with the emotional crap that ALWAYS comes after watching E–I thought I dodged a bullet on Monday, but it just took a couple of days to hit.

Dad at the Wave. I stole these pictures from him, so I better acknowledge that he took them, or at least they came off his camera.

Mom made me promise that I’d do something fun this weekend.  The problem is, the things I consider fun all cost money that I don’t have.  Maybe I’ll just go to my happy place, aka Tai Pan Trading and just hang out.

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