Archive | February 19, 2010

Thoughts while watching the Olympics

  1. Ugh, figure-skating.
  2. Why didn’t I ever learn to play hockey?
  3. Oh, right, I can’t skate.
  4. Luge looks fun.  I wonder if I have the guts to try it.
  5. Probably not.
  6. The captain of the German Women’s Curling Team is really scary.
  7. Now how do I resume a numbered list?
  8. Oh, figured it out.
  9. I want a pair of curling shoes.
  10. Why didn’t I try curling while I was in Canada?
  11. I miss Canada.
  12. LULU SHUT UP!!!
  13. How it the crap is biathlon scored?
  14. Oooohhhh…dog show on USA Network.
  15. Speed skating in a little like NASCAR–gofastgofastgofastgofastgofastLEFT TURN!
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