Archive | February 25, 2010

Oh, spring, why has thou forsaken us?

The weather has been wonky here this winter.  It got cold, quickly, for a few weeks in December, then, it was very mild through Christmas, January, and the first part of February. Then, when we hit Valentines day, they time when it usually starts to warm up, we started getting snow again.

I thought I’d celebrate the arrival, then departure, and anticipate the re-return of spring 2010 by posting some vaguely weather-related pictures I’ve taken recently.

At least I’m not on the east coast.

Kinda cheesy, but I like it. Rain drops as viewed from the inside of my windshield

The leaves from the hedge stained the concrete on the sidewalk.

The trees are ready for spring

Max isn't sure about the return of the snow, either.

I thought that the neighboring apartment block looked so pretty in the snow, kind of misty and European.

I was playing with the shutter speed on my camera, trying to stop the snowflakes around the lamppost.

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