Archive | March 11, 2010


So, my computer broke yesterday. 

I’m sick about it.  My computer is my connection to the outside world.  It’s the way I charge my phone.  Without a computer, basically, it’s impossible to contact me.

I’m still at my parents house, and my sister told me that she has a friend who works for a computer sales/repair shop, and he might have an idea of how to fix it.  Bro-in-law,  I think it’s the same problem that destroyed your old laptop, and, it’s not that I don’t want your computer repair expertise, but I know how busy you are right now…

 Obviously, without a computer, The Storyteller Chronicles is going to be placed on hold.  I’ll need to get to the library for job search, etc, and I’ll update when I can, but it probably won’t be every day.

I know I’m lucky, I know I’m spoiled, but I feel like nothing has been going my way lately.  I’m so ready for something good to happen.

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