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I think I’m being beaten over the head to get started on my family history

Sacrament meeting was a little surreal today, I got the distinct impression of being told to work on my family history.  I wish that such revelation would tell me where to start.

Okay, so the opening hymn.  It’s not one we sing often enough for me to have memorized, so I pulled out the hymnbook.  I noticed that it was written by a fifth great-grandfather on my mother’s side.  Interesting, I didn’t know he had a hymn in the hymnbook.

So, sit through announcements, sing the sacrament hymn, then listen to the first talk, which happens to be about families–specifically, don’t do stupid stuff because it can affect your families for generations, but, if and when you do mess up, things can be made right through the atonement of Christ.  And, even if you do mess up, if you’ve been sealed in the temple, you’ll still be a part of your family forever. (The concept of forever kind of freaked me out at this point.  Not the being with my family part, I love my family, but existing forever–but that’s another post.)

Rest hymn.  One I know, so I don’t need the hymnbook.  One that also happened to be written by a fourth great-grandfather on my father’s side.  Okay, that’s a little weird…

Now, it’s not like I’m descended from WW Phelps or anything–I checked, and Edward Partridge (the grandfather on my mother’s side) has only the one hymn in the book, and Joel Hills Johnson (the grandfather on my father’s side) only has two.

I know it’s not the connections to these two men I need to work on–frankly, I can rattle it off in my sleep (Edward Partridge had two daughters, Eliza and Lydia, who were sister-wives, both married to Amasa Lyman.  Lydia had a son named Edward Leo Lyman Sr.  Who had a son, Edward Leo Lyman Jr, who had a daughter, Eleanor, who had a daughter Louise, who is my grandmother.  Joel Hills Johnson had a son, Seth, who had a daughter Mary, who married George Hyrum, and they had George Hyrum Jr, who had a son Ellis, who is my grandfather)

Did I mention that every single one of those individuals were/are Mormon? (at least for a bit.  Some [okay, one] of them apostatized…) Family history is a big deal with Mormons, and we tend to have large families.  What I’m driving at, is that I’ve had many faithful aunts and uncles (though I’m going to go out on a limb and say mostly aunts) who have plucked most of the low hanging fruit.  While tracing my ancestry, most lines have been completed to the 1500s.  I know I need to do this work, but starting in medieval Europe is more than a bit overwhelming.

I guess the best thing to do would be to talk to the family history coordinator for the ward and stake, and have them help me figure it out…

Story time!

Well, I’ve done it!  I’ve written enough of a story that I’m not embarrassed to share with the world.  In fact, it’s the satire-esque piece that I was talking about yesterday.

It’s still a work in progress, but I got all of the story out that I knew.  I’m still going to work on figuring out how it ends, and, I figured, since it’s written in blog style, not having an ending isn’t really going to hurt much if I share it prematurely.

So, without further adieu,  I present “Hording in the 21st Century“!

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