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If you are going to do something, you might as well over-do it.

It’s 9:10, and this is the first time all day that I’ve had time to sit down and update the blog.  I really didn’t mean to leave the upside down post for so long.

I’m in my home town.  Do you want to know how I know this?  I mean, besides the 90 minute drive, the ever-present smell of the cheese plant, cows and the seasonal scent of farmers burning their fields in preparation for the spring planting?  It’s because I’ve been to the grocery store five times in the past day and a half.

So, the preparations for the party are in full swing, and I am EXHAUSTED.  Whatever you say, Mom never does these things half way.

Edit; I should probably expound a little bit.  Do I have to?

We all seemed to have our assigned tasks today.  The Bro-in-Law did actual work that he got paid for online and looked after the kids, Dad cleaned, organized and went to the dump, Mom worked in the kitchen, I ran errands, and Sis…did stuff too.

I feel like I spent more time in the car than out of it today, but never got more than 10 miles from my parents house.  As the car in question was my parents brand new pretty car, I was kind of okay with that.  The fact that I wasn’t spending my own money helped too.

There is always some confusion when I’m running errands for my parents.  See, in the small town I grew up in stores are just as likely to be called the name of their owner rather than the actual name of the store–rather than going to, say, Mom’s Crafts or Gifts Unlimited, we go to Peggy’s or Robin’s.  Store that have changed owners/names are also referred to by there old name–Leo’s Delta Freeze is still called Hermie’s occasionally at my parent’s house.

Keeping this in mind, those who grew up with me, if you were told to go to IGA, which grocery store would you go to?  The correct answer is the one on the west side of town, right? The one that was called IGA 15 years ago?  Which is now called Jubilee, by the way.  Well, when my mom tells me to go to IGA, she means to go to the Quality Thriftway, the one that was an IGA 30 years ago.   And I can’t go with a great big list, either.  At least not after the first trip.  The three trips to the store I made today all cost less than $20.

One was actually free.  I got home and discovered some candy bars I hadn’t paid for in one of the shopping bags, and took them back to the store.  Er, lest you think that I was shoplifting and had a pang of conscience, I think they belonged to the people who checked out before me, and neither they nor the bagger noticed that they didn’t get picked up, and the bagger just put my groceries in that bag.

Anyway, I’m starting to re-think the whole party thing, but I keep telling myself that if things get too bad tomorrow, I can always pack up and leave.

I’m hoping that by dreading this party, I’ll actually enjoy it.  We’ll see.

I am, however, looking forward to General Conference.  I hope I’ll be able to pay attention.

Because I have a feeling that I’ll be running errands and doing chores for everybody else during that time.

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