The Birthday Post.

Well, it’s finally here.  Today is my 29th birthday.  Happy birthday to me!

Somehow, sis talked me into spending the day at her house.  It was actually pretty easy.  She just handed the phone to G, and had him ask if I wanted to go to the zoo with him.  I like the zoo, and I like G, so the answer was, naturally, yes.

The plan was to go yesterday, after Max and Lulu got back from the groomers, but they took much longer than expected, and by the time I made it to SLC the zoo gates were closed.  So, the plans for today are lunch at Red Iguana and then the zoo.  I’m super excited!

Birthday’s are a big deal in my Bro-in-Law’s family,a big enough deal that even though I’ve only been awake for an hour, I’m considering spending next years birthday here too.  G is busy making me a cake:

with ample help from Sis, of course.

He’s been talking about going to the zoo non-stop since yesterday.  I was greeted at his house with “We’re going to the zoo tomorrow.  We’re going to say hi to the elephants, but don’t go in the pen!”

Today should be a good day.  To ensure that, I’m going back to bed.


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