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Adventures in Midway, day 1.

Unfortunately, the Midway in question is Midway, Utah, not Midway Atoll.  Although, according to the All-Knowing Wikipedia, there is a large wildlife preserve on and around Midway Atoll, and it is an important habitat for many aquatic birds.  Maybe someday the adventures will be Midway Atoll.

Anyway, this is the week that Sis has gone into hiding for her 30th birthday.  She’s not doing a very good job of it, because she invited everyone she knows to come along.  I live about 30 miles away from her hiding spot; close enough that I can go up and spend the day with them, and not worry about the dogs being left home alone for too long.  (The worry is more for my carpet than the dogs.  If nothing else, they have each other.)

Today was the first time I’d been to Midway.  It is a charming (if expensive) little community.  I stopped at the library on the way out of town, and spent most of my time reading–but I did take G swimming and played a few games.  I was also sent home with a shopping list of stuff to bring up tomorrow.

Closer to home, my garden is exploding!  Not really, obviously, or that would top the news of my non-adventure with my sister.  But the lily of the valley are growing so fast I can almost see it happening, the clover gets bigger and stronger every day, and, my newest addition, a hanging pot of fuchsias are doing well and attracting friendly neighborhood insects.  Hopefully, it’ll bring in butterflies or hummingbirds as the year progresses.

Um, I really don’t have much to talk about.  Life has been pretty quiet here the past couple of days.  After last weekend, I figure I deserve it.

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