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Gettin’ Crafty

Browsing the internet yesterday, I spotted a crocheted octopus.  I thought it was cute, then thought I could make one, a little more browsing, and I found the Kansas Hooker (greatest blog name ever, BTW)  It didn’t turn out like the pattern–I used what I had on hand, and don’t have the eyes, so I used buttons.  I also don’t like the curly-q legs, so I figured out my own legs. (a six-chain circle, then two sc in each chain, then I made a tube.  I don’t know how many rows, just until they were long enough.  I then made a tab at the end so I could sew them on to the body).  It kinda turned the octopus into a setopus–I only had room for six legs, but I’m still happy with my creation.

Like a shmuck, I tried to help my neighbor find her lost cat about six months back.  I found the cat, but she didn’t want to be found, and ended up biting me–and the scar took a long time to heal.  This is the first time I tried crocheting since the bite, and I figured out pretty quickly that I can no longer hold my hand the way I used to when crocheting.  Stupid cat.

Max was less than impressed when I decided that the top half of the body was the perfect size for a shih tzu  beret.   What a stick in the mud.

Or maybe it just wasn’t his color.

It’s always nice to make friends.

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