And now, I don’t want kids.


Today has been one of the roughest days of my life.  I’m still at Sis’s house, preparing for the party–and E decided that it’s time to start teething.

You know, two days before the temple, three days before his blessing, and the parties in his honor associated with them.


And, because E was getting so much attention, and because he didn’t sleep well last night, G was acting like a little demon all day.

I think all four of us, Me, Sis, G and E, were in tears at some point during the day.

The highlight of the day was Sis’s dog, Polly.  She’s an outside dog, and has a hardier digestive system than Max and Lulu (which isn’t hard–they LOOK at something that isn’t their normal dog food, and it makes them sick) so Sis and the Bro-in-Law are much less picky about what they feed her.  Well, she became the proud owner of one of the ginormous bones that we cleaned yesterday, which is now her pride and joy.

When I let Max and Lulu out for the last time last night, (they’ve been spending the days outside, but they spend the nights in the bedroom I stay in at my sister’s house) Polly was literally standing over the bone to guard it from them.  Polly is a mostly corgi mutt, and the joint on the end of the bone is longer than her legs.

This morning, when I banished the dogs to the backyard (Max’s word, not mine), Polly was again jealously guarding the bone, but as she’d gotten most of the good stuff off the outside, a little less jealously. Still, she’d growl at Max and Lulu whenever they came close.  And chase away the flies that landed on the bone.

I should probably mention that Polly has the corgi herding instinct pretty strong.  When she first came to live with Sis and the B-I-L, she’d chase the airplanes across the sky.  She’ll chase cats, wasps and birds–anything she can, really.  I once watched a neighborhood cat walking along the back of a neighbors fence, then, when she got to Polly’s yard, she jumped down into the backyard of the house directly behind Sis’s–the one that had a cinder-block wall separating Sis’s yard from the neighbors, then continue her journey on top of the fence on the other side of the yard.

I don’t know if that last paragraph made any sense, but I’m too tired to care.

Anyway, G’s snoring, the dogs are semi-calm (at least they’re being quiet,) and I’ve been exhausted all day. And I’m not even the Mommy.

So, the cookies I made today were the Rollo Cookies featured on page 11 of the Great Canadian Cookies, Bars, and Squares cook book.  I’m not going to type it out, as you can access it through Google Books, and the link I just gave.  Only I don’t like pecans, and I used Hershey’s Bliss Creme de Menthe instead of Rolos.   They are amazing if I do say so myself.

I’m hoping tomorrow goes better.  I really don’t think it could go worse.


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