Archive | May 6, 2010

Dog snores can sound like someone saying the name “Cori” over and over.

A phone call at 12:30 am is never a good thing.  Even if the person you’re calling is usually awake at that time, there’s always a chance that they’ve already gone to bed.

So guess what happened to me last night?  I guess it was okay, though, because I was having a hard time sleeping.  Still, when you’re halfway to falling asleep, and your phone rings, and the ringtone is one you’ve set for family, 12:30 suddenly becomes all sorts of sinister.

Fortunately, it wasn’t anything major.  Mom just needed me to go down to my house and get something today.  The plan is, I’m going to take G, then we’ll go to the aquarium on the way back to Sis’s house.  After yesterday, they need a break from each other.

So, um, I changed the theme when I said I wouldn’t.  When I couldn’t sleep last night, I designed a new header, but it looked funny against a white background, so I found a theme that would allow me to change the background color.  I like the layout of this theme, and plan to keep it indefinitely.

Of course, that’s what I said about the last theme.

So, today looks like it’ll be full of adventure.  On very little sleep.  Crap.

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