Indecision pt 2

So, I suppose verbalizing my feelings yesterday was just what I needed to make a decision.  Or, at least part of a decision.

I decided that school is the right thing, and that I should continue with graphic design.

Now I have the ultra-fun decision of where I should go.

I’m thinking about two schools–UVU which is close to where I live, and SLCC, the nearest campus is about 30 miles away from my house.

Tuition at SLCC is about $1000 a month less than UVU, but I don’t know what the programs at either school are like.

UVU makes more sense, especially if I’m going to continue the job search/start working, and expect to be home for Max and Lulu.

All I know if I need to make a decision, fast.

Was going to school the first time around this scary?

Anyway, just making that much of a decision has made my life much easier.  I’ve been in a better mood today–to the point where I’ve actually been able to function–always a good thing.

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One response to “Indecision pt 2”

  1. The Parent says :

    You know that I am in favor of what is happening. You also need to contemplate road construction and how that would effect (or is it affect?) your drive. Try to hit UVU in the morning and ask your questions. Love

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