Do YOU know Jack?

So, I probably should write something for today.  I mean if I have to.

Besides deciding that I have an unnatural affection for my carpet shampooer, (seriously, what did I ever do without it?  Even before I had dogs?) today’s been pretty quiet.  My hip has been aching, to the point that the pain causes nausea, so if I took anything, it would mean that my hip might feel better, but I’d be throwing up.

I decided to elevate my leg and ride out the pain.

I was thinking, though, about something that happened last Sunday, and Sis’s house.  It’s a cute story, so I thought I’d share.

While I was in hiding, the door to the room opened, and a four-year-old with the prettiest auburn curls peeked in.  It was my bro-in-law’s nephew.  Max, fully aware that I didn’t want to be bothered, started growling at this little person with grabby hands, while Lulu ran up for loves.  The nephew came in, and I talked to him about the dogs for a while.  He then decided he’d had enough, and went to leave.  As he disappeared out the door, I called him by name, and asked him to shut the door, please.

He poked his head back in the room, and, with a big grin on his face, asked “How do you know my name?”

I had kind of explained who I was when we were talking about the dogs, but I re-introduced myself as “Aunt [Sis’s] sister.”  I told him that his Uncle [B-I-L] liked him, and talked about him a lot, and that’s how I knew who he was.  This satisfied him, and he disappeared again.

A few minutes later, he came back.  “Do you know EVERYBODY?” he asked

“No, just you and [I listed the names of his siblings]”

“I know two Jasons.  Do you know two Jasons?”

“I know one Jason, but I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

“Do you know Jack?”

Please note my self-control in not getting snarky and vulgar with a four-year-old.

“I don’t know anybody named Jack.” I said.

“Jack is my friend.”  He then proceeded to tell me all about his friend Jack.

While this was a super-cute encounter, I don’t generally know how to handle myself around kids.  I guess having two fluffy dogs and knowing their names means I’ll have to start learning.


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