Turning anxiety into confidence

I was happy an hour ago.


This afternoon, I went up to my sister’s house, I needed to take care of my ticket (by taking care of my registration before paying the ticket, they knocked 25% off the fine), and I needed to return a Buzz Lightyear toy that G left at my house, and Sis convinced me that I needed to see E crawl, a skill he learned yesterday.  (He hasn’t figured out that he can move one hand at a time, so he’ll pick both hands up, causing him to do a nose dive, scootch his knees forward, then do it again. It’s hilarious!)

It didn’t take much talking to convince Sis to go shopping for school supplies with me–I’ve decided that I’m going to UVU, and have started on the process of getting my acceptance finalized, and the credits that will transfer transferred, and I know there’s a few things that I’d need no matter what, namely, a backpack, notebooks, and pens and pencils.

On the way home, I was thinking about what a big step this is, and a conversation I’d had earlier in the day, and my confidence started to slip. I thought about my previous attempts at school, the train wreck that is my emotional life, and money.  Always that stressor, money.

I know that avoiding doing for fear of failure, or making a mistake is not living life, neither is being so afraid of conflict that I let other people dictate my every move.

On the drive home, I noticed a few billboards for Intermountain Health Care that had slogans like “Turn anxiety into confidence”.  I know the message that they were trying to convey was along the lines of “Medical issues are scary.  Our staff is knowledgeable, and will educate you so your disease or the disease of your loved ones is less frightening” but I took a more personal message from it–that I really do need to turn my anxiety about life in general into confidence.

I wish I knew how.

One of the things that I was noticing more was all the ads, all the signs that surround us on a daily basis.  Every single ad, every billboard, every package of every product was designed by a graphic designer or artist (some of them were me–I used to work in a sign shop, and I took a detour on my way home from work, which lead me past a couple of signs that I designed).  One of the things that I’ve worried about, and have had worried about to me was the availability of work.  Mom, I’m going back to school to make it easier to find work. There are jobs–and hopefully, by the time I graduate, I’ll be able to find a company that needs an in-house designer, or an ad agency that’s hiring, or something else.

And it’s what I love doing, and that makes all the difference, right?

It’s been stormy the past few days, and I’ve wondered if that’s had an affect on my mood–I think it has, but not directly.  The dogs were crazy yesterday, and I was mad at both of them, but, according to the book I’m reading now (Inside of a Dog: What a Dog Hears, Sees and Knows) that was likely because the higher winds were kicking up all sorts of new and exciting smells.  Today, the rain has calmed everything down, including the dogs.

The other thing is my bad hip has been aching constantly–again, likely due to the changes in the weather, and it’s hard to keep a positive outlook when you hurt so badly you think you’re going to throw up.

I really am trying to stay positive, even if I’m prone to crying at random moments (most of the time it has nothing to do with the moment I’m actually in–but rather something I’m thinking of.)  What happens next is too important–I can’t blow this.

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One response to “Turning anxiety into confidence”

  1. william wallace says :

    corianne / it said.. the darkest hour cometh before the dawn
    thus the question how long is the darkest hour in real terms..
    thus we are back to the saying …how long is a piece of string.

    The purpose of the universe be that it sustain the human form
    the purpose of the human form that via heart / brain there be
    an gradual ongoing growth in understanding as experience..
    thus in time all questons be answered all knowledge be given
    unto the ultimate of the humanities journey.. enlightenment.
    There being no other way of attaining enlightenment but via
    the human form thus be the gift of gifts that none can match.

    The journey of enlightenment being no easy task, as being it
    involves the development of the brain as a opening of heart.

    If look at the bigger picture asking the question is the world
    at present being of an state that aids one’s development ??>
    the answer must be No however it better now than having
    been in the past ( as example.. the blessing of the internet..
    a gift to humanity.. a welcome blessed aid in development.

    If take the example of the child in learning to walk, there
    many a tumble.. many a fall.. many a tear…. the parents
    wipe away the tears give encouragment, yet understand
    if stand unaided the child must master ability in walking.

    The situation in our development of the spiritual having
    its similarities. many a fall. many a tumble . many a tear
    yet, if achieve our goal it be we must face the challange
    the ALMIGHTY /ALLAH /will aid encourage / yet know
    we must go through such process.. in reaching our goal.

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