I did it!

I made it to church today, at least to Sacrament Meeting.

I have a hard time with church during the summer, well, a harder time.  The schedule flips around, so rather than having sacrament first, Relief Society is first, and sacrament is last.

It’s a lot easier for me to go if I know I can slip out after Sacrament and not attend the other meetings, than just coming at the proper time for sacrament.

Our meetings are combined with two other wards, also, so there were a LOT of people there.  I don’t do well with a lot of people.  I kept reminding myself that I was in the very best place, doing the very best thing to combat my agoraphobia.

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One response to “I did it!”

  1. william wallace says :

    WELL DONE / the problem being with mental illness
    (in time) are in a far better state than perceiving, in
    truth the brain having healed to degrees.. but where
    the individual in having not received the benefits..
    reasons being individuals in having become used to
    being ill…it understandable how such can continue.

    The best way dealing with such is in putting oneself
    in more testing situations, thus become more used
    to your strengths than weakneses, put your trust in
    the ALMIGHTY /ALLAH.. rather than the pills… in
    time to realize your strengths, not ones weakneses.

    Don’t just consider going to church but considering
    a intention to stand before ..all Brothers /Sisters….
    Speak to them/let the Lord be your guide /strength.

    Of course it can be a cold unloving world, … yet
    with open heart/faith /trust in the ALMIGHTY it
    also an very beautiful warm loving world, where
    there being no need of pills /depression / tears /.

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