Lost and Found

It’s been a rough few days.

Yesterday, we worked to the point of a) exhaustion and b) where we didn’t know what to do next.  The trailer is–well, it’s hard to say.  I form a different opinion of how bad things are every time I go in.  All I know is that Dad wants the B-I-L’s opinion before deciding how next to proceed.

After spending all day yesterday on the phone, trying to describe to various salespeople what parts we needed, Dad and I went on a shopping trip to the city.  Mom opted to stay at home and watch the dogs. Notice dogs is plural.

When we returned home after a few hours, the first thing I did was go and check on my babies, and found the dog–singular.  Max had gone missing.

I can’t even begin to explain how out of character this is for my little boy.  Max is my velcro dog.  Yes, I often can’t find him, but that’s because he’s directly behind me.  But, Mom put the dogs in the backyard, went shopping, and when she came home, only Lulu was there.

Max isn’t as smart as I think he should be–but that’s because I make an unfair comparison to my last black and white dog, who was at least half border collie.  But he’s smart enough to know my parents house, and to know when we are here, that this is where he needs to stay.

Well, thank goodness for small communities that still believe in raising children free range, because while I was crying, and searching, and crying, and making lost dog posters, and crying, and praying, Mom was gathering the neighborhood kids into a search party.  And while they didn’t Max, a couple of the boys told their mom that they were looking for him.

Well, the mom happened to see an employee of a local sandwich shop grab Max as he was trying to cross the highway, so she knew who had her.  The mom was then able to get us into contact with Max’s rescuer, and I once again have two dogs.

I know that I’m not going to have Max and Lulu forever.  I know that they were five years old when they came to live with me, and they haven’t gotten any younger.  I know that they are just dogs–if there is anything as just a dog.

Right now, though, Max and Lulu are my reason for living.  There are days that they are the only reason I get out of bed.

I know that I need something else to hold on to, but right now, I’m glad that I just have something.

And I’m so glad that Max is home.

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2 responses to “Lost and Found”

  1. Amy Cowley says :

    I’m so glad you found your dog, and that he’s home safe with you.

  2. william wallace says :

    Corianne /the running away by Max maybe
    a sign of deeper mental health problems its
    fortunate there be animal psychotherapists
    whom abled analyze any unusual behavour.

    It could be nought to worry over but being
    just the actions of an very mischievous dog.
    If concerned take dog to a psychotherapist
    then they be able to tell if being a problem.

    The running away can be a sign of a more
    serious nature … from very mild to serious
    cases of depression, if such being the case
    then the psychotherapist can prescribe an
    course of anti depressent drugs in helping.

    There being sessions of DSTG the dog can
    attend ”Dog Social Therapy Grouping’ the
    dogs meet under supervision in learning to
    rebuild bonds, within basic pack instincts.

    It may be the psychotherapist suggests the
    dog having another owner, where in being
    more compatable in an other environment.

    It also in cases the choice of animal wrong
    rather than dog one should get a rabbit, or
    tortoise, ideal for the very elderly, in going
    for walks they can match speed of tortoise.

    For some snakes the ideal pet, for others it
    be crocodile or alligator, a popular choice.
    Though can be dangerous when in an bad
    mood /going through a depressive period.

    One could always try ‘bee-keeping’ where
    the benefits being in the making of honey.

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