I skipped yesterday, and I get all paranoid about skipping two days in a row, so I better do something.

I’m fighting either allergies or a nasty headcold, and haven’t felt up to doing anything.  At least it’s my body, not my mind keeping me locked in my room.

2 responses to “bleh”

  1. Trudie says :

    One of those days … know all about them. Thought I was catching something when I woke up this morning. So cold!! Winter has set in …
    Thanks for linking to my blog 🙂

  2. william wallace says :

    Corianne / many many peoples do not need
    the pills & lotions that taken. Doctor giving
    because its a lot cheaper to govt in handing
    out pills & lotions, than people hospitalized.

    It a lot easier for doctor in saying …HERE ..
    thus the doctor gets rid of a very troubled
    individual …whom’s best cure by far being
    they stop thinking about themselves for an
    time rather that they get more active in the
    community, thus focus in helping of others
    thus curtailing the constant focus on self ..
    unto the point ones whole life upon…. self
    … self… self… self.. Thus not a very happy
    situation …where one DAILY caught in an
    cycle of depression / anxiety /paranoia /..
    taking make believe pills.. in making not a
    jot of difference unto ones mental state….

    Thus one must break the cycle… the best
    way is in taking the focus of self..putting
    it on other people / other things / thus
    relieve the constant focus on ones state
    of mind that its not taking up ones life..
    or the life, or the life of the nearest and
    dearest around whom fearing saying a
    few words of truth.. so as not to offend
    they in having learned like doctor if in
    wishing an peaceful life that it best in
    they say nought, just be in agreement.

    Corianne / the mind be like the guest
    whom invited to stay overnight.. wot
    happens, IT STAYS.. where in taking
    over your life.. where you constantly
    run to its beck & call 24/7.. thus such
    the situation it becoming your master
    where one having become its servant
    no longer the home owner, but being
    reduced to that of unpaid 24/7 slave.

    Thus its time in coming to your senses
    the uninvited guest given its marching
    orders. Thus once again in becoming
    master in your home, not the servant.

    The body the temple of Almighty not
    that of Satan, thus cast this devil from
    your home.. it shall plead mercy… it
    shall promise you all the treasures of
    the it no heed.. be but firm
    in resolution that your focus be clear.

    Thus the guest being the ALMIGHTY.

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