There are some things that you probably shouldn’t do when you’re in your 30th hour of wakefulness.

You know, like, fly a plane.  Or preform surgery.  Or drive a car.  Or drive your car to a salon where walk-ins are welcome, and get your hair cut.

Guess what I did today, in my 30th hour of wakefulness?

Backing up a bit–when 2:30am rolled around last night, and I was still awake, I decided to go for the long haul, and stay up all night and all day today in order to reset my internal clock.  I’m now at hour 35, and when I’m finished with this post, I’m going to bed.

In the middle of the night, trying to find things to do to keep myself occupied (heaven forbid I clean–I used the excuse that the cleaning that needed to be done was stuff like vacuuming and laundry, specifically forbidden between the hours of 11pm and 7am by my HOA) I found a website where I could give myself a virtual makeover.  I learned four things–1) I have a very oval face.  2) My eyes are more blue than green or gray, the colors I’ve been claiming for the past 15 years, 3) taking a picture of yourself when you’ve been awake for 24 hours is never a good idea, and 4) I can’t pull off the Carrot-Top look.

After a two hour nap that I’m totally not counting, and chatting with/being egged on by Sis, I decided that I really was ready for a haircut.  I went to the website where Sis found the inspiration for her Halle Barry short hair cut, and found this:

With some persuasion from Sis, I headed down to the Fantastic Sams (I know–but I’ve never had a bad haircut from this particular location.  I even once had a stylist from a much more expensive salon complement the job that a Fantastic Sams stylist did on my hair.)

And then a detour to a drug store to pick up some makeup (!) and hair product, and I ended up looking like this:

When my hair is that short, It  has a bit of natural curl, which the model’s hair doesn’t–which is fine, I like the tousled look.  I also love the blue hairspray, even if it smells like old-lady perfume.

I cut of so much hair (that I didn’t realize I had) that I’ve actually had a headache ever since because me scalp isn’t used to not having the weight.

Moving on…

So the orientation that I first scheduled for tomorrow, then was told it was pushed back to Monday is actually happening tomorrow.  It’s a good thing I’m too tired to be nervous–though I am a little concerned about this huge change to my look the day before I have my picture taken for my student ID.


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