I traded in my shih tzu, and got a chihuahua.

Not really.  But a bald shih tzu looks like a chihuahua.  See?

Max is looking much more like a proper shih tzu.  The groomer even left him a beard.  The goal is to get Max looking like a member of ZZ Top.

In an effort to negate the loneliness that always comes with doggy haircut day, I headed up to see my sister.  Mom had also decided that she needed to see her grandchildren, so she was there too.

Mom and Sis quickly reminded me why I’m so laissez-faire when it comes to my looks.  Mostly, because they’re not.  It took less than a minute after walking in the door before they started talking dye and mousse and experimenting with my hair.  In fact, when I left to rescue Max and Lulu from the groomers, they were planning on heading to the Wal-Mart to find dye for my hair.


This morning, I got up, got ready and went to go to orientation.  I thought  I was smart in giving myself an extra ten minutes to find where I needed to be and a place to park.

That is, until I spent a half hour (unsuccessfully) looking for parking, before giving up and coming home.

So, the orientation is back on for Monday.  And I learned to head to campus at 8:20 not 8:50.

It’s probably a good thing, though, because today is the day that I’m really feeling the marathon of wakefulness in an attempt to re-calibrate my body.  I know how sad it is, but I’m just hoping that I can stay awake long enough to see the Futurama premiere tonight.

I’m not sure I can.

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