Writers Block

I’ve spent last night, and most of today unsuccessfully trying to figure out something to write about.

I’ve started and discarded a half a dozen entries.

I’ve dabbled in my fictional worlds, but nothing seems right.

I was thrilled when I opened up WordPress, and the notification at the top was talking about Plinky.  I signed up, scrolled through the prompts…and nothing.  At least nothing that I thought was worth sharing. (If you’re interested, you can follow me on Plinky here.)

So, to the writers out there, what do you do to overcome writers block?  How do you get that spark of inspiration back?  What unleashes your creativity?

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2 responses to “Writers Block”

  1. Ryan says :

    Try this random word generator. Get a list of random words and use them as stimulus for ideas. When you run out of ideas then generate a new list and repeat.


    It works by getting you out of your normal habits that are usually the source of your writers block.

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