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Tomato, Tamatoh

On Thursday of last week, I had a case of vertigo while I was driving.  I was coming home after running errands, and was stopped at a stoplight, waiting for my turn to make a left turn.

This particular stoplight is located on a hill, so I was facing downhill.  My car was in drive, and I had my foot on the break pedal.   There was a pickup truck ahead of me, taking his sweet time, so I wasn’t actively looking for a break in oncoming traffic large enough to allow me to turn.

Suddenly, it felt like I was moving backwards.  I pushed down harder on the breaks, and sat straight up, worried about my car.

While I was still waiting for my chance to turn, I realized that it probably wasn’t my car–being in drive and facing downhill would mean that if my breaks slipped, I’d go forward, not back.

Later, I talked to Dad about it, and he suggested vertigo, caused by the vehicles going straight through the light–the ones I wasn’t paying any attention to, but would be able to see in my perhephrial vision.

The next day, I went to Sis’s house, and the zoo.  On the way home, I got motion sickness, which turned into an internal distress that Mom got mad at me for discussing on Facebook.

I had to stick pretty close to home on Saturday and Sunday–going to church notwithstanding.  This morning, I was still feeling–if not exactly healthy, then not exactly unwell enough to keep me from my daily activities.  Big, not-daily activities, like dealing with the administrative stuff for school on the other hand…

I did manage to go grocery shopping, and the store was having an amazing deal on roma tomatoes, so I loaded up on them.

Upon returning home, I made a simple lunch–a cheese and tomato sandwich that was baked in my sandwich press.

Now, a sandwich isn’t going to use a whole tomato, even a smallish variety like romas.  I don’t like refrigerating tomatoes–they have a flavor compound that shuts off if it gets too cold, and doesn’t turn back on again.  Tomatoes are right on the border of foods I like vs. foods I don’t like, so I’m not going to press the issue.

But–with my sandwich cooking, I’m left with half of a roma tomato that I can tell wasn’t very good quality to begin with, but I don’t want to throw it away, and I don’t want to refrigerate it.  So I pulled out the salt and I ate it.

Apparently, if you’re not getting enough fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, it makes you feel all wonky.

And that tomato was the best thing I ever ate.

Honestly, it was such a strange combination of a not very good tomato being the tastiest thing I could imagine while I was eating it.  All I know is after eating that tomato, and drinking like a gallon of water, the upper part of my body is feeling much better.

Sis is in the hometown, taking G to swimming lessons.  I laughed at this, but apparently, she missed the sign-up day for her local classes, so she’s spending a week at my parents house.

I got a call asking where I was–when I was at her house on Friday, I bought a book of amagumri patterns, and said I’d come down for a day or two so we could make these little toys.

Well, apparently, she thought that when I said a day or two, it meant I’d come down today.  Which, because I’m a sucker, I did after getting her phone call.

G welcomed me with “I had swimming lessons today.  I know how to swim now.” and then promptly hurt himself and started to cry, which woke E up, and got him crying… yeah.  I’m glad I came down.

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