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I’m not very good at following directions.

You know, maybe I should change that title, just in case a future professor or employer reads this.

Or at the very least, explain.

So, Sis spent the week at Mom’s house, and, apparently, Sis can’t take the kids to Mom’s house unless I go along to help.  (I’m not complaining, Sis, at least not very much.)

I had bought a crochet book called “Crobots” a few days earlier, and Sis wanted me to bring it down so she, Mom and I could do some crocheting.  (I’m a little disgusted with that Amazon link–I didn’t pay full price for the book, but what I paid is closer to full price than what Amazon lists)

The ‘bot I chose to do is called Mechabot.  This is what he’s supposed to look like:

This is what mine looks like:

Yeah… you wouldn’t have been able to see the connection unless I told you it was there, right?

So, here’s the thing; the yarn and the hook I used was much bigger than the book recommended, and once I got the basic head made, I pulled out buttons for eyes, and, while choosing the sparkly blue ones, I just tossed them onto the head, and I liked the off-centered look. Once I had the eyes on, I decided that my robot needed antenna, and used them to balance out the off centered eyes.

While looking for eyes, I found a sparkly heart button, and decided that my robot needed a heart–and the springs and hardware didn’t look good with a pink sparkly heart.

And Sis stole the book to start working on her project–so I pretty much just winged the body.

Now, here’s the thing, when it comes to stuff like crocheting, or cooking, for that matter, I think that directions are more of guidelines.  I think you need to know what you are doing, but once you do, you can and should stray from the outlined path, and figure out something new.  That’s how I learn, anyway.

Right now, I’m just glad to be home–almost as glad as Max and Lulu are to be away from little hands.

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