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I’m not complaining. Really.

Dear Family:  Do you think you can work on spreading events and emergencies where you need Cori’s help out a little bit more?  Thanks.

After making it home from Mom’s house, and not getting nearly enough rest, I got a call from Sis, wondering why I wasn’t at her house.

See, the Bro-in-Law just received his Master’s degree–while working full-time and trying to raise a family.  Which calls for a celebration, right?

That happened yesterday.  And somehow, even though I hadn’t even given a firm “yes”, I ended up at their house 6 hours before the party started, helping watch the kids, bake and grocery shop.

Of course, this all let to a rather amusing conversation:

G: Why you here?

Me: Because your Mommy knows how to push my buttons, and I don’t know how to tell her no.

G: It’s easy.  You say “no”, just like that.

Ahh, to be four.  And male.  And not burdened with soul-crushing feelings of guilt and familial duty.

The party itself was fun, I guess.  I always feel out of place at gatherings.  But, there were lots of cute kids running around, and I had my dogs with me, which is always a help.  And, it’s not like there was anyone there that I didn’t like, but still…

One of the kids asked me where my kids were.   Yeah.

I’ve got at least two more weeks of this until things calm down a bit.  Next weekend is a family party celebrating my Grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary, and the weekend after that is a party for G’s  4th birthday.

Folks, I’m willing to help.  Really.  Just don’t ask me today.

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