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I guess this is what a good day feels like

Something amazing happened today.  I mean, besides the fact that I was able to check Facebook and email from the comfort of my own home.  I actually made it to church.

I was thinking about it last night, and decided not to plan on going–which relieved the stress of planning to be around a bunch of people.  I decided that I should go, but I wasn’t going to make myself go.

AND even though I woke up only a half hour before church started, I managed to get dressed, take the dogs out, and make it.  I even stayed for all three meetings, more or less.

When I came home, I discovered that my roommate had slipped out even earlier than I did, and was making curry–crazy thing, my Taiwanese roommate makes amazing Asian food.  She was even able to explain that it was a Japanese style curry, a little sweeter and a lot more mild than, say, Indian curry.

Church and curry would have been enough to make this day amazing, but the icing on the cake came when I checked my registration status at school, and saw that I could register for a class I was wait-listed for.  Which brings my class load up to a whopping 10 credit hours–and the classes I’m taking on campus are each once a week, one on Friday and one on Saturday, but it’s a class that I need to continue on with my schooling.

I did also discover that in order to play the games that I’ve been suffering withdrawals from, I’m going to need a new graphics card.  I think I’ll wait on it, though, either until I find a job, or ask for it for Christmas.  School will probably go a lot smoother without being distracted by the Sims.

So, yeah.  I’ve had a great day.   Things are starting to go much smoother.

Although, when I have to get up to be on campus at 8am on Saturday mornings, I might just change my mind…

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