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Geeking Out

Dear Brain:

I thought we were going to do better about blogging, right?  What happened?


So, I made a couple of vaugely disturbing discoveries about myself since the last time I wrote.  Don’t worry, Mom, nothing you didn’t see coming.

The first one came after tripping over half a dozen dog toys between my computer desk and the bathroom door.  I’ve turned into the crazy dog mom.

Well, okay, not really.  What’s happened is I’ve discovered that for all the money I spend on toys, Max likes the ones I make better, so I’ve made a couple of toys for him, and re-purposed some others.  I’ve been dabbling with the idea of opening an Etsy shop to sell hand-made dog toys, but I’m not sure enough that it would be profitable to actually take that plunge.   Either way, I’ve made a lot of toys lately, and Max is in heaven.

The second discovery is me basically throwing off any notions I have of myself being anything less than a geek.  See, my sister lent me a couple of her old textbooks, one on medical ethics and one on environmental responsibility, to help me research an English paper I have to write.   While I’ve used the books as research, I’ve been enjoying just reading them.  It struck me as a bit absurd, yesterday, that I’m 200 pages into a textbook that I don’t have to read because I find is incredibly fascinating.   Sure, it’s ten years out of date, and things have changed since Sis took those classes, but it has me thinking, which should be the ultimate goal of everything I do, right?

So, yeah.  Things have been pretty quiet for me, at least.  I’m clinging to the idea that that is a good thing–blog fodder not withstanding.

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