It’s been a strange, rough day.

I’m still feeling the effects of the panic attack yesterday–I was able to go out to make it to class, and to get some grocery shopping done, but besides that…

I’ve spent the day alternately crying, and hyperventilating.

This is really strange, because sleep is a giant ‘reset’ button for me, if I get a good night’s sleep (which I did, once I managed to fall asleep at about 3am) whatever I’m dealing with emotionally seems to melt away–at least, the emotional stuff that comes from inside my head.

I’m so tired of being a crazy person.  I hate the way my brain and emotions betray me.  I hate that I’m doing everything I should to make it better, and it’s not helping.  And mom, I don’t need to hear that it’s time to go back to see a therapist.  I can’t afford it, and I don’t want to make you pay for it.

Above all, I wish I could understand why, in the past three years or so, my depression has turned into more of an anxiety disorder.

And I wish I could make it go away.

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2 responses to “Aftermath”

  1. katie says :

    I’m sorry you have gone through so much! I have anxiety sometimes and it is awful! I can’t imagine having it more than I do. My little boy has it a lot and it is hard for me to remember how awful it is until I go through it and then my heart goes out to those who suffer from anxiety disorders. I hope you are feeling better. ❤
    katie b.

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