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If I’m going to be a writer, I really need to work on my titles.

Jan 3

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So, I remembered something yesterday–I LIKE being read.  I actually don’t think my traffic was much higher than usual, but enough of y’all clicked on different posts to make my hit counter register more than a three-fold increase of my usual traffic.  Granted, considering that I took a six week  break from blogging, and wasn’t exactly churning out quality material beforehand, this wasn’t hard to do.

A special thanks and welcome to Mesacoelsombero, who not only liked my post yesterday, but subscribed to me as well.  Mesacoel (can I call you Mesacoel) represents the first subscriber that WordPress  has told me about.  He (or she, I couldn’t find a gender reference anywhere) has a blog about the economy of Latin America, which I’m would be much more fascinating to me if both Google Translate and I understood the language of finance.

Anyway, I’ve kind of purposely, and happily, been avoiding thinking about much of anything today–the new semester starts on Wednesday, which will bring with it all sorts of opportunities to think and stress etc, so for today and tomorrow, I’m just taking it easy and trying really hard not to think about things like tuition and books and various other supplies I’ll need.

In other news, I actually went to church yesterday.  I woke up with the beginnings of a migraine, and considered not going, but then decided that if I skipped the first Sunday of the new year it’d be setting a dangerous precedent–especially considering my resolution to go to church at least three times a month.  I made it though two hours before the migraine hit, and I had to go home.  Apparently, it was one that made me look ill–I had three people stop and ask me if I was okay as I was trying to slip out the door.   Sigh.

Anyway, life is good, for now.

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