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Happy Independence Day!

Okay, I’m a little late, what with the spending the weekend at my parents house, with additional visitors, (I love you all, but still, ugh), trying to convince a little dog that the world isn’t going to end just because there’s thunder and/or fireworks (ugh. Also: July is a tough month for Lulu), trying to do five days worth of homework in a day and a half (see: spending the weekend with family and friends. Also, ugh) and my washing machine breaking. (expletives considerably stronger than ugh. At least things didn’t flood) So, I hope both of my American readers had a better holiday weekend than I did, and I hope that the one outside the US simply had a good weekend–you know, because it’s Wednesday now…

Also, this:

This is from an advertisement for a local grocery store. I’m choosing to believe that whoever put this ad together knew full well what random quotes do to a phrase, and truly meant those quotation marks around “safe” and “sane”.

After all, “safe” and “sane” fireworks are the best kind, right?

Please, tell me. I don’t remember–I’ve spent the last three Fourth of July’s trying with various degrees of success to peel a nervous little dog from off my face.


So much for giving myself a break from G

There is nothing like a 4th of July celebration in a small town.  Especially if you grew up in said small town.  And, despite my reservations, somehow, I got talked into coming down for the celebrations tomorrow.  Because, you know, the 4th is on a Sunday, and Mormon’s take the whole “keep the Sabbath day holy” very seriously, so the party is tomorrow.

Um, yeah.  I was playing with the shutter speed on my camera while we were lighting fireworks (because, you know, the best way to celebrate the birth of our country is by blowing up a small bit of it.)  I don’t want to do the photodump thing but…

a bit too short of a shutter speed.

better...but we didn't understand the direction to "draw pictures using the sparklers"

it's a good thing that the B-I-L was there to help with the "draw a picture" thing

The proper response, when a three year old shoves a sparkler in your face is to talk about how dangerous that is, not to take a picture of it. I guess I'm not a very proper person.

the firework and the batteries in my camera died at about the same time.

So, while I was waiting for these photos to upload,  I remembered that my home town had a tradition of shooting a cannon off at sunrise on the 4th.  And I’ll be sharing a bedroom with a very gunshy little dog who isn’t allowed on the bed.  This will be interesting…

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