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A fallen hero

I love being from a small town.  I feel safe when I go to visit my parents house.  The biggest thing I ever had to worry about growing up was, well, the experiment I’ve mentioned earlier, but besides that, maybe a traffic accident.

My dad is an EMT in my home town.  As part of this job, he was given a police scanner/pager.  It is a source of moderate entertainment at our house, as most of the calls that come across are speeders who have been pulled over, usually someone we know.  Occasionally, there’ll be something big on the east side of the county, where the freeway goes through, more often than not a chase involving a suspect vehicle out of Salt Lake of Las Vegas.

The news out of Millard County this morning would have been shocking anywhere, I think, but it was made more so by the fact that it happened in Delta.   Police Deputy Josie Greathouse Fox was shot and killed in the line of duty this morning.

Official Sheriff’s Department Statement

Josie was enough older than me that I don’t remember going through school with her, even though we would have ridden the bus together.  She was friends with some of my cousins, and was a member of Mom’s Young Women class. I remember the fire she had when she joined the sheriff’s office.  Hers was the first female voice I ever heard over my Dad’s police scanner, that didn’t belong to dispatch.  Okay, or an EMT.

I know it took Josie a while to discover her path in life, but when she decided to be a cop, she jumped in with both feet.

Josie, you will be missed.  You were a great example.  You were a hero.

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