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My computer is scared of my Brother-in-Law

I was getting ready to write a post yesterday, when my computer died.  I’m grateful that my sister married a computer engineer–even if he was camping, and therefore unavailable at the time.

I managed to get a hold of Sis and the B-I-L, and B-I-L agreed to take a look at my computer, agreeing with me that it was probably the power cord.  But not tonight–they were on their way to a play that the B-I-L’s sister is in.  And so, I was preparing myself to face a weekend sans computer.  Again.

But, I started thinking, and remembered that I had a surge-protector that I could attach to the power cord, and it would light up if it was getting power.  So I did that.  It spat and flickered, but eventually, lit up, and my computer then told me it was plugged in, and therefor usable.  All I had to do, apparently, was threaten it with the B-I-L.

With all this drama I don’t remember what I was going to write about yesterday.  But it was going to be good.  Really.

This morning, I loaded the dogs into the car, and took them to the vet’s office to get shot. Er, I mean, to get their vaccinations–rabies and distemper and whatnot.  Apparently, they haven’t been to the vet enough.  Max was anxious, but it was more being in a strange place, surrounded by strange people and animals, including the cat next to us with an abscess that even I could smell.   Lulu was having fun making friends with the other people, dogs, and yes, even the abscessed cat.  She would have gone exploring back where the exam rooms are if she wasn’t on leash.

I asked the vet-tech who gave the shots about Lulu’s ear, and told her what I was doing for it.  She said what I was doing was good, but told me something better to do.  Which means, when the dogs get their hair cut on Thursday, then Lulu’s going to be shaved.  To like an eighth of an inch all over, so I can get to her ear better.  Lulu’s been shaved before, and, I have to say, a bald shih tzu is not a beautiful shih tzu.  Pictures will follow.  I promise.

What else?

My new roommate has started to move in, and I have mixed feelings about it.  I like her, I really do–but I’m not really excited about having a roommate, extra income aside.  But, she’s outgoing, and talkative, and has engaged me in more conversation in the past two days than I’ve had in a week.  She’s going to be good for me.

And, if the cute boys who’ve been helping her move keep coming around, then all more the better, right?

The good news is, what with being without a computer, and hiding in my room to stay out of the way while the roommate moves in, I’ve gotten a lot of reading done.   I’m not caught up, by any means, but it’s a good start.  I always forget how much I love reading until I lose myself in a good book.

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