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G and the Best Toy Ever

Yesterday, Mom and G went on an adventure–Mom had promised to buy G a toy because his birthday is coming up.  I asked to go with them, because the toy store they were going to is close to my house, and I was worried that my plants needed water.

On the way up, we were talking to G about what toy he was going to pick–and made sure he knew that he had to choose the very best one.  Mom and I started talking about what we thought was the very best toy.  Mom thought she probably would have chosen a doll.

I remembered the toy I always wanted but never got.  See, growing up in the middle of nowhere, trips to the toy store was a rare treat.  Sis and I would memorize the toy section of the various catalogs that came home, choosing what we thought were the best toys ever.  Sometimes, we would get those toys, but most often, we did not.

I chose, as my Best Toy Ever, an artist set that was sold in the JC Penney catalog year after year.  I was happy to see they still sell it online.   I never got this art set–I think Mom used the very legitimate excuse that it would be too messy.

I think that half the reason I still remember this toy as the one that pinned after is that I never got it.

I’ve gathered all of the various art supplies included over the years, and kind of ironically, my favorite medium is watercolor pencil–which isn’t included here.

G was as serious as I’ve ever seen a three-year-old as he was wandering up and down the aisles of the toy store.  We finally had to remind him that he could choose something, then if he saw a better toy, he could put the one he already chose back.

First, he chose a firehouse play set, complete with fire truck, fire fighters, and noise.  Then, he announced  “AUNT CORI!  I WANT TO PUT THE FIRE STATION BACK!”  He then chose a dump truck, that would pick up the garbage can, make noise and talk.

But then, we found The Very Best Toy of All.  We found football players!

G ended up choosing four collectible football player figurines, which, of course, being three, he didn’t realize that they were supposed to be placed in their stands and put on the shelf to look at. They’re shaped like actual pro players, but me, being as sports deficient as I am didn’t recognize any of the names.  On the way back to Mom’s house, I had to sit in the back seat and play with him.  You know, until the motion sickness kicked in.

So, I was thinking about this last night, and I was wondering, if you, dear reader, were to choose your best toy ever, what would you choose?  What’s the one toy you wanted but never got, or what was/is your favorite toy?  I’d love to hear about it.


Max has claimed any current and future crochet and knit projects for himself.  He’s discovered that he loves to play with yarn, probably because I don’t like him to.

Well, I’m nothing if not an indulgent dog mom.

I didn’t start out to make a dog toy.   Really.  I wanted to make a pair of lovebirds (you do have to sign in to see the pattern, but it’s free, and you can tell them not to send you stuff).  Max kept begging to play with it.

While I was making it.

After it had been sprayed with a bitter agent.


Anyway, I noticed that the cup I had was about the same size as a mini tennis ball that Max doesn’t play with very often,  I popped the ball inside my crocheting, and it was a perfect fit.  I finished crocheting around the ball.

Max LOVES it.


Those thumps at the beginning of the video is me bouncing the ball in front of the camera.


My little pink octopus spetipus now has a friend.

First of all, after losing sleep that my first octopus was really a hexopus, the next morning I took off the legs and re-arranged them, so I could fit all eight on. Twice.   When I was happy with the results, I spotted the eighth leg that had fallen off the table, and was hidden from view.  Really, world?  Anyway, I suffered a nasty, painful scratch on the inside part of a finger while trying to turn the hexopus into an octopus, and I was done sewing on pink legs.  So, s/he/it is now officially the septipus.

I tried again, though, after my finger had healed to the point were I was no longer worried about infection, and it stopped being painful.

As I meant this octopus to go into E’s hands (and mouth), I didn’t want to do button eyes that could be chewed off and swallowed.  I know there’s such a thing as safety eyes out there, but I just wanted to use materials I had on hand.  So, I embroidered the face on.

I love the little crooked grin.

The official story behind the variegated yarn is that my favorite attribute of cephalopods is their ability to change color.  Really, the colors of yarn I have on hand are pink, white (I may not have kids, but I’m aware of how little boys treat their toys.  And I know that white would be a terrible color choice for a toy going to a house that contains G) and a couple of variegates.

While these guys are fun and quick to make, I have to admit, I’m octoed-out right now.  BUT, they’ve given me the confidence to seek out more amigurumi (Japanese-style crocheted dolls and toys) patterns.

I’m a long way from opening an Etsy shop, but I think that if I keep practicing, I’ll get there.

You know, if I don’t get sick of these guys/get interested in something else first.

Honestly, having something to do, even these silly little octopods has kept me sane the past couple of days.  I’ve been struggling lately, and, if what my friends and family are saying on Facebook, it’s going around. There is so much medical and emotional drama surrounding me now. (And for once, none of it involves my mother!  Crap, Mom, I hope I didn’t just jinx you with that last statement)  I know that I really am blessed, and can’t complain too loudly about my situation.

But still, what’s the point of having a situation if you can’t complain about it?

Gettin’ Crafty

Browsing the internet yesterday, I spotted a crocheted octopus.  I thought it was cute, then thought I could make one, a little more browsing, and I found the Kansas Hooker (greatest blog name ever, BTW)  It didn’t turn out like the pattern–I used what I had on hand, and don’t have the eyes, so I used buttons.  I also don’t like the curly-q legs, so I figured out my own legs. (a six-chain circle, then two sc in each chain, then I made a tube.  I don’t know how many rows, just until they were long enough.  I then made a tab at the end so I could sew them on to the body).  It kinda turned the octopus into a setopus–I only had room for six legs, but I’m still happy with my creation.

Like a shmuck, I tried to help my neighbor find her lost cat about six months back.  I found the cat, but she didn’t want to be found, and ended up biting me–and the scar took a long time to heal.  This is the first time I tried crocheting since the bite, and I figured out pretty quickly that I can no longer hold my hand the way I used to when crocheting.  Stupid cat.

Max was less than impressed when I decided that the top half of the body was the perfect size for a shih tzu  beret.   What a stick in the mud.

Or maybe it just wasn’t his color.

It’s always nice to make friends.

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