Fifty Word Stories

I decided to take a page (ahem) from Fifty Fiction as a way to jump-start my writing.  Basically, the rules are, you have to tell a story in fifty words.  It’s surprisingly challenging, but at the same time, quite liberating.  This is what I’ve come up with so far.  The numbers in parentheses at the end are how many words are used in each story.

50 Word Stories:

We drove in silence.  The radio had long since given way to anything but the local country music station which, it seemed, punctuated every other song with high school football updates or farm reports.  Jim was too angry at me to speak, and I was too tired to care.  (49)

She was sitting in the same chair, looking out the window when I came home from work.

“Have you been there all day?” I asked.

She looked startled to see me, and glanced at her watch.  “I guess so.” She said.
“I just can’t seem to get out of this funk.” (51)

Cheryl wasn’t sure what she had been expecting; something dark, dingy and cheesy, like out of a James Cagney movie, perhaps.  Instead, the office was bright and cheerful, with a potted palm off to one corner.  An overweight man with a pleasant look on his face sat at the desk. (50)


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