The Characters

The main character of this story is me, I guess.  I don’t feel like a main character, but here I am.

Supporting players include my dogs, Max and Lulu:

Max is on the left, Lulu's on the right.

I was going to say that the dog nest has been cleaned up since this picture was taken, which is true, I suppose. It’s just home to an entirely new collection of junk and clutter now.

My sister, her husband, and her two adopted sons, G and E.

We're big fans of adoption

This picture was taken the day they brought E home from the hospital.  I don’t have a more current family picture of them just yet.

And of course, my parents, who, unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of.

Actually, that’s not true.  It’s just that Mom’s lost 50 lbs60 lbs70 lbs, a significant amount of weight, and I don’t have a skinny picture of her.  And I know she’d rather share a skinny picture of her with the world than one from before she worked so hard to lose the weight.


They’re  hangin’ out with G.  That’s a favorite activity of ours.

That’s pretty much my world right now.  I’m shy, and don’t have many friends, but if I have occasion to talk about someone multiple times, they could be added to the cast of characters as well.

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