Ever since I lost my job, I’ve been mourning the loss of access to the Adobe Creativity Suite.  Frankly, Adobe CS is an essential tool for the modern graphic designer, and I’ve been keenly aware of the months that that particular tool has been growing rusty for me.

Somehow, going online and downloading a freeware version never crossed my mind,

Stuff like this is apparently genetic.

My sister and her husband have gotten a court date to finalize E’s adoption.  This means that they’ll be able to take him to the temple and be sealed as a family for time and all eternity–the church likes to make sure things are all nice and legal before proceeding with such things.

Sis was talking to the Bro-in-Law on the phone, and a question that they needed to ask me was brought up.  After Sis finished talking to her husband, she forgot what she needed to ask me, (and who she needed to call) so she called Mom.

Ten minutes into a conversation with our mother, Sis remembered what the question is and who she was supposed to call.  When Mom called me later, she knew about this, so I guess Sis shared her blond moment.

The question was if I would be willing to design announcments for E’s adoption, sealing and baby blessing.  I said that I would, but I didn’t have the right software.  Sis suggested going on line and downloading freeware…

I’m a little embarrassed that I hadn’t thought of Inkscape before.  I’ve been playing with it for several hours now, and think I’ve gotten the hang of most of it–of course, it’s just different enough from Illustrator to be annoying.

I’ve got three announcement mock-ups made, and an idea for a fourth–I considered posting them here, but Sis reads this blog, and I want to show them to her in person.

So, all of a sudden having access to a vector-based art program is allowing me more freedom in designing a header, so the theme has changed.  I anticipate this to be the last theme change for a while, but expect a rotating headers.  I should really learn CSS so I can personalize the blog even more, but, one thing at a time, here.

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